In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer free returns for products that for some reason did not meet our customer's expectations.

You can create a request for a refund directly from your client account.

The Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" specifies in detail that each buyer has the right to return and exchange goods, as well as:

- learn all about the quality of the goods;

- shelf life, manufacturer;

- the order of return or exchange;

- the schedule of the trade organization;

- purchase an exclusively safe for life and health product or service;

-to require an examination to determine the causes of defects in the product;

- to be present personally during the work of experts;

- in the event of a breakdown of a large-sized goods, require the trade organization to effect its delivery to or to pay for travel expenses;

- to return the goods of the proper quality;

- The law provides for a period of 14 days for the return of goods;

- To return or change within one week the goods purchased in the online store. If after the purchase the check was lost and the goods were unexpectedly found to be inadequate, the seller has no right to refuse to return the goods or to fulfill the guarantee obligations.

Our Company sorts out each case personally, because at Our site they sell Products only the best Manufacturers who bear full responsibility for the spoiled or not quality goods and can be excluded from the list of participants of the "Ivan Ba-ba"