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About company

The trading platform "MTP Ivan Ba-ba" was created by Russian entrepreneurs, for the maximum development of manufacturers' companies all over the world, making the main emphasis on Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the final buyer and sell equipment and goods to worthy companies in connection with numerous factors and market laws that have been formed. This site is a common store for both light and heavy industry, and their final product. Where each visitor can choose whatever he likes, directly contact the factory and the seller and buy from them, then what is the interest, excluding intermediaries and swirled prices. Purchases can be made directly on the site, paying in any convenient way, where the program is implemented (54 FZ) with the issuance of a cash receipt. Either by contacting the seller to pay the invoiced by the manufacturer. Every moment is intuitive and easy to use. In the same way, each manufacturer can contact us with questions of interest to them and, with a positive understanding, join the site, where they will have their own independent workspace, for managing goods turnover and accounting. We are glad to every inhabitant of the planet and are ready to answer all your questions.

If you are an ordinary buyer, or you can own a retail store or an online store and want to find great products or wholesale suppliers, register for Ivan Ba-ba as a buyer.

You will be able to search for wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers, goods in our database, which is constantly updated. You will be able to set the necessary parameters for searching, for example, the minimum purchase amount, the possibility of purchasing "on order" and so on.
In addition, you no longer need to place a lot of requests on hundreds of sites for the delivery of goods to you, just choose any product and the price you liked.

Opportunities for customers:
Excellent prices
Verified companies
Fast delivery of goods

To manufacturers, sellers:
If you are a wholesale seller or a manufacturer and want to find wholesale and retail customers and sell your goods, expanding the client base, the site "Ivan Ba-ba" will help to do this in the best possible time.

You will be able to post information about your company On our World Trade Area, it will be seen by potential customers of the whole world. You can immediately place your goods, determine the minimum number of purchases of goods, and your goods will immediately become available to buyers.

Opportunities for sellers:
Realization of goods all over the World
Lack of need to create their own online stores
Excellent conditions for everyone